Sleep Out to Kit Out Challenge

Would you like to take part in our Sleep Out to Kit Out challenge? 

A combined event with the Stafford Rotary Club, Cannock Rotary Club & South Staffordshire College taking place on Friday 22nd April 2022 at Cannock College.

  • Tickets: £10
  • Live music and food provided.
  • Bring your own drinks.


The aim of this event is to raise awareness of homelessness and help fund local people to furnish a home of their own.

All money raised will go towards funding, to allow individuals apply for a grant through our charity to purchase an item that will enable them to move on to a home of their own.

One of the barriers our clients have to successfully moving out of supported housing and into a home of their own, is being able to afford both a deposit and purchasing furniture and electrical items.

If you would like to register, please download your registration and sponsorship forms here.

More information can also be found by searching “sleep out to kit out 2022” by emailing or by contacting Helen Perren on 07949079174